Coordinator Fungimap Inc.: 2011 – 2013

fungimapCoordination of an environmental NGO, delivering education and engagement projects to the community, public and private sectors to increase the knowledge and conservation status of fungi in Australia

Successfully delivered two national, week long, large events resulting in a high standard of participant satisfaction, the highest surplus of any Fungimap event, and the most participants of any Fungimap event

Highly developed project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation skills, including comprehensive reports to internal and external stakeholders

Successfully applied for grants and funding from philanthropic trusts, private enterprises and government organisations

Developed and currently implementing a pilot program to increase community leadership in fungal education

Develop and manage organisational and project budgets

Strategic planning and prioritising in consultation with Fungimap committee and in context of relevant political and cultural contexts

Manage administration including bookshop and membership sales

Volunteer coordination, including recruitment, training and succession planning

Website development, management and other online communication

Improved Fungimap’s records keeping and office procedures

Coordinating meetings and taking minutes for various committees,

Feedback at performance reviews commends my flexibility, time management and foresight


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